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At Club Med, you do not apply for a position in a specific geographic location but for a profession. Our HR experts will decide which village you will work in, depending on your availability, your profile and, of course, our villages' requirements.

The application

After consulting the job profile you want to apply to, you can post your application on our website. For that, you need to complete our online application form which includes 3 major sections: contact details, skills, and additional information. Once this information has been completed, you can upload your CV and inform us of your motivations.

If the position you are interested in is not available at the moment, we invite you to register to our Job Alert. Whenever a vacancy arises, you will be immediately informed by email.

The pre-selection interview

If your application corresponds to the profile sought, our recruitment team will contact you for an interview. During this interview, we will talk to you in detail about the position you have applied to and the work conditions. We will also test your motivation and language level, and will validate your technical skills through your professional experience.

The recruitment result

Following the interview, you will receive our reply: positive or negative. If the answer is positive, we will confirm through email that you have successfully passed the interview, and a recruitment team will contact you to give you all the information about your contract (departure date, village, contract length, social security status, etc.). The contract will be sent after confirming departure date. If the answer is negative, remember that you may apply again a few months later if you want (more experience or maturity could make all the difference).