Knowing us better

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Happiness maker since 1950

These words by Gérard Blitz struck the right chord in the after-war context. It released individuals from their constraints, allowed them to find themselves and return to original joy.

Happiness according to Club Med

As a genuine happiness maker, Club Med invented a new way of living together; an original holiday style of inclusive holidays. With villages in the most beautiful locations in the world,  each Gentil Membre (G.M) could find replenishment through contact with nature, sports and others, while receiving the kindness of the Gentils Organisateurs (G.O) and Gentils Employés (G.E).

The great Club Med adventure

This pioneering idea generated a profoundly human and warm story, and an unrivalled territory of values in the tourist industry: conviviality, freedom, creativity, sharing, opening to others, happiness... The happiness of living together: Club Med's great adventure, right from the start. It is its very essence, nourishing its spirit from the outset and driving it forward.

The Club Med concept reinvented

Loyal to its original vision, Club Med continues to innovate in order to constantly reinvent the alchemy of happiness. In 2005, the Group upscaled its activities to become the world's specialist in all-inclusive, upscale, convivial and multicultural holidays.