Knowing us better

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Moving upscale

Since 2004, Club Med has implemented an exceptional upscale move to meet its customers' new demands. This strategy is expressed by a vast village renovation program and refocusing of its activities on 4 and 5 Tridents.

Revisited villages

To date, the Group has invested €1 billion on the opening of 20 new villages, the closure of 50 villages and the complete renovation of 70 villages. To transform its villages into exceptional locations, Club Med has entrusted them to renowned architects and designers who have captured the soul of Club Med worldwide.

Upscale positioning at the heart of the group's activity

Club Med is gradually refocusing its positioning to 4 and 5 Trident villages. Unique comfort, customised luxury, and tailored services: this offer is constantly upgraded by new services combining comfort and refinement, and friendliness and modernity. 4 and 5 Tridents: representing 25% of the Club Med range in 2004, now represents more than 50%.

Luxury: always more

Club Med now offers you the possibility of purchasing your own luxury villa in an exceptional location. The latest program concerns the construction of 40 villas at the heart of the protected estate of Plantation d'Albion, in Mauritius. Delivered furnished and decorated, each villa has an overlap pool and grounds covering an average of 1,800 m².