Our HR vision

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Our 5 values

Multicultural, pioneer, kindness, freedom, responsibility. Each of these values that the G.Os and G.Es uphold is at the heart of all actions the Group chooses to implement, in order to create the upscale, convivial and multicultural Club Med.


  • Multicultural

    This means fostering the cultural contribution of employees and customers, finding enrichment through them in order to live in harmony; offering one's differences, welcoming those of others...

  • Pioneer

    This means showing the way, having a vision of innovative ideas, and implementing them to satisfy a customer request not yet satisfied. Liking to dare, daring to create...

  • Kindness

    This means being attentive to the people around us and wanting to help them. Being kind in the Club ("gentil") is our signature, the "G" in G.O, G.E, G.M. It is what sets us apart. Taking and giving pleasure...

  • Freedom

    This means being autonomous, making others autonomous, and to give full expression to one's aspirations through self-respect; respect for others and the company. Imagining what one wants to be, wanting what one imagines...

  • Responsibility

    This means working with competence and conscience, personal involvement and commitment to honor one's word Doing the job to fulfill one's mission.