Baby Club Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    March 2013
  • Villages :
    Cherating Beach
  • Training :
    Diploma in “early children development”, Maternity certificate, Montessori teacher certificate
Key phrase
You just have to be who you are

I come from New Zealand. I arrived in March 2013 and I work as a Baby club manager. Before, I worked during one year in London in a maternity. I have a diploma in “early children development” and also a maternity certificate and Montessori teacher certificate.

When I saw the job on the website, it was really my dream job. Combining my passion for working with children and all my studies, but also being able to work in a social environment with a lot of contact with others – GO and GM – and sharing with people.

I didn’t know Club Med before discovering the job offer on the website. When I arrived in the village, I was very excited but of course a little bit nervous. I was welcomed by everyone, it was really like coming into a big family, it was wonderful.

As a Baby Club Manager, my main role is to organize baby club but also manage my team (six people). Making sure that we are promoting baby club, that the staff is trained and we are up to date, making sure of course about safety, making sure that we are doing the best for the children because they are so young and the parent are trusting us so we have always to be on top of things. I need to plan ahead, making sure that we always have enough equipments and stocks.

My best memory is firstly the GO team, it is just amazing. The GM contact is so rewarding. The GMs are so important for me. So two sides! For the difficulties, it is true that coming as a first time GO is a big challenge, you have a lot to learn. I learned to ask a lot of questions. There are so many cultures, different languages. Making sure you are appreciated is also a really big part of the job.

For me “find the real you” is just really find yourself. Here, the first day I arrived, someone said to me “in Club Med you just have to be who you are, don’t be embarrassed, and just feel free”. My definition of happiness is that you have to make the most of every opportunity. If you are happy and you can share your happiness, the world goes much better.