Financial Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    January 2007
  • Villages :
    Palmyie, Kos, Tignes Val Claret, Cancun, La Caravelle, Val Thorens, Da Balaia, Arcs Extrême, Pompadour
  • Training :
    Master's degree in Finance.
  • Water Skiing Pilot (summer holidays)
  • Cashier
  • Assistant Financial Manager
  • Cost controller 
  • Financial Manager
Key phrase
Club Med will always be the company of my heart

I still remember the day I arrived in my first village, 6th January 2007. I joined the Club as a water skiing G.O during the school holiday period. In December 2006, having just graduated, I applied to the Club Med head office. Young and dynamic, I was immediately given a job in a village, with a career plan in my branch, finance. In just two years, I was able to move up in this field, rising from Cashier to Financial Manager.

Club Med trusted me and allowed me to develop very rapidly to a high responsibility position. Now, at barely 28, I am a Financial Manager and take part in training the company's future Financial Managers. Despite a master's degree in finance, I must say that the key to this success remains the desire to perform: you have to be organised, pragmatic and proactive.

I can say that the Club has had a real impact on my life. Firstly, because I was able to live in places I would never have known otherwise. The life style is incredible: a run on the beach before arriving at the office, a few ski runs between 2 and 4 p.m.; incredible golf courses on days off, exceptional dives in the Red Sea... And also because the Club has opened my mind and helped to develop my sense of communication. I have embraced village life 100%. I have met wonderful people, some of whom have now become real friends.

Thanks to the Club, I have enjoyed a very enriching experience, both emotionally and professionally. Yet now I want to experience other things, rise to new challenges... I recently posted my CV online and a major international group has offered me a position in a Financial Position in the Caribbean zone. I cannot let an opportunity like that go by. I will therefore leave the Club soon and it's rather like leaving your family... but I don't say that I won't be back!