Sous Chef

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  • Villages :
    Gregolimano, Caravel, Opio, Vittel, La Palmyre, Valmorel...
  • Training :
    Cook Diploma
  • Chef de Partie
  • Sous Chef
Key phrase
Club Med is THE business card, we are envied
After obtaining my Cook Diploma, I have worked in various restaurants and luxury breweries in Paris and abroad. I wanted to find a job enabling me to travel and to meet people, and a friend of mine and client of Club Med who advised me to apply. That is the way I joined the kitchen of the village l’Alpe d’Huez in 2002.
My previous experiences enabled me to join the Club as a Chef de Partie. The additional experience I acquired throughout the seasons allowed me to develop. I am now Sous-Chef and I have more responsibilities. My daily job is to allocate the work and supervise my team in order to showcase our buffet. I also have a knowledge-transfer role: I support my team-mates to develop their competencies, particularly the Chef de Partie who replaces me when I am on leave. It is a real challenge, everyone is different, and one has to get to know people to make them develop. But I like challenges, it makes me see what I am capable of!
To work in a Club Med kitchen, one must have strong culinary skills and the product knowledge. But one also has to want to progress. According to me, because I had worked in smaller companies, it was very difficult to learn how to cook in large volumes: two to three thousands dinner guests are to be served every day! The advantage of working at Club Med is that we meet a lot of people from different backgrounds: everyone brings in his advice and experience, so one learns fast!
Club Med is a unique experience: I wake up in the morning, I take a shower, I leave my room and here it is, I am at work! No need to take my car, the bus or the metro… You don’t get that chance so often, and I’m not even talking about the daily festive atmosphere of the Club! I really like the friendly aspect of my work: the clients are enthusiastic and curious, because what we do is different from a traditional kitchen, so it’s rewarding.
And by working at Club Med, you develop professionally and you get to learn yourself. As far as I am concerned, I discovered how much I was capabled of by participating in the shows.

For now, I would like to keep on in order to become Chef de Cuisine, but I am not too worried about my future outside Club Med: the Club is THE business card, we are envied