Water Sports Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    June 1990
  • Villages :
    Opio en Provence, Kemer, Da Balaia, Coral Beach, La Caravelle, La Palmyre Atlantique…
  • Training :
    Catering college, State Sailing diploma (work placement with Club Med)
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Sailing instructor
  • Sailing manager
  • Water Sports Manager
Key phrase
Club Med is the only place where you can tie-in your passion to your job

My parents were doctors at Club Med in the Ivory Coast so I was already familiar with it before I worked there... A graduate from a catering college in Switzerland, I joined Club Med as a Restaurant Manager. I occupied that position for a few months, then in 1998, the Club suggested that I take a training course in order to pass a State Diploma and become a Sailing G.O. I have always loved this sport and for me it was such an incredible opportunity that I could not refuse!

At first, it was just the passion for sailing, but now it is a real professional approach. I teach all levels, beginners and professionals alike, with the aim of improving my students' skills. For that you need to be a good teacher. In addition, I manage a team (between 5 and 10 G.Os depending on the village), draw up and implement the water sports activities programme, manage the schedule, check equipment maintenance, etc.

The Club has allowed me to find professional self-fulfilment. I am versatile and have been given the opportunity to become a trainer myself and am now considered to be a "water sports expert" within the company. No later than last month, I want to Mauritius to conduct a diagnostic on water sports products in terms of organisation, equipment, etc. It is a real pleasure to get up in the morning and say that you have a job that you love but also to have a sunny beach as your office...

All those years spent at the Club have also allowed me to explore all facets of my personality and my passions. It's a real pleasure to discover talents as an artist, singer, dancer or actor on stage. Having once taken drama lessons, I have often presented cabarets and revealed my talent to thousands of people. Tying in your passions to your job is a tremendous opportunity and you can only do that at the Club!