Golf Attendant

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    June 2015
  • Villages :
    Bintan Island
  • Training :
    Hotel Management


Boutique GO

Golf Attendant

Key phrase
In Club Med, you can show to people who you really are

My name is Jason and I am from South Korea. I first heard about Club Med in 2000, when I saw a TV documentary of a G.O life in Kani, Maldives. I worked in a 5-star hotel for 7 years, as a front desk receptionist but I never forgot this idea of Club Med. At some point, I felt bored and I decided to leave everything and try the Club Med experience. I started as a Boutique G.O and then I had the chance to work doing what I love, golf.

Currently, I am in charge of the Golf Pro Shop, which means that I take care of all the guests who want to play golf, I am in charge of the equipment, the merchandise in the shop and sometimes I also give golf lessons. I don’t regret leaving my previous job. There, I just worked behind the desk, like a “robot”. In Club Med, you get the chance to share your passion with the people, to show them who you really are. I feel more helpful for people, I can make them happy. Next season I already got offered another position, which is Assistant Manager Reception in Kabira, Japan. It will be a new challenge for me and I will be able to put my experience into practice.

Later, I want to be a General Manager, not for the money but to show the people I work with how to respect and treat people, how to be better. Because that is what Club Med has taught me since I joined.