Human Resources Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    October 2005
  • Villages :
    Opio en Provence, Vittel, Serre-Chevalier, La Palmyre Atlantique, Chamonix
  • Training :
    Maîtrise (equivalent = LLM) in Private Law, DESS (post-graduate diploma) in Management, Master's degree in HR
  • HR assistant
  • HR manager
Key phrase
Very good moments that will remain engraved forever

I applied to the Club Med almost by accident... I had spent my holidays there for three years on the run and it was when I returned home from one of my stays that I saw a job offer on the internet. I rapidly joined the village of Opio en Provence and worked for several seasons there. After a year as Human Resources Assistant, I was promoted to Human Resources Manager.

Every day I had to manage all the village's personnel, from their arrival to their departure. I believe that this position requires a lot of rigour and good legal knowledge. However, I would say that at Club Med, know-how takes precedence over competences: you need to be open, receptive to personnel and show empathy. The Club has also taught me to be versatile, available and flexible. And today, these are my strongest assets.

After 5 years at Club Med, I decided to leave, simply because I plan to get married soon (with a former G.O) and we want to live together. I actually believe that my experience at Club Med allowed me to sell myself on the job market with ease and find a new job quickly.

But I'm not against returning to Club Med... never say never! I have discovered fabulous places, experienced extraordinary things (I particularly recollect bursts of adrenalin before going on stage) and met fantastic people. Very good moments, "made in Club Med" that will remain engraved forever I am very proud to have represented Club Med, its corporate culture, its diversity, etc.