Baby Club Manager

  • Entry date at Club Med :
    August 2010
  • Villages :
    Beldi, Agadir
  • Training :
    Childcare Nurse Diploma
  • Nursery director, Paris
  • Baby Club Manager


Key phrase
At Club Med, every morning, I get up with a smile

A loyal G.M. for fifteen years, I had visited the most beautiful villages of the Club Med. Every time I went on holiday with the Club, I would tell myself that G.OS were really lucky to work in such exceptional settings. And one day, when I was chatting with G.Os in Mauritius, I told myself: "And why not me?"

I had a very good job in Paris. I was director of a nursery. But I increasingly felt a need to change my life. I thus decided to apply on the Club's recruitment website www.Clubmedjobs.com The pre-selection department contacted me that very evening and I rapidly joined the teams at Beldi in Turkey. For a month, a Baby Club G.O took charge of my induction and training. Then I moved to Agadir, in Morocco, as the Baby Club Manager. 

At Club Med, every day, I wake up with a smile as I really love what I do. The life setting is just unbelievable. Between you and me, who has celebrated Christmas in the sun in Agadir? And the Club has allowed me to overcome my shyness. As part of my job, I have to organise shows with the children which we present to parents. I thus have to speak in front of a public and even enjoy it!

I can now say that I have found fulfilment, both personally and professionally. I have more self-confidence, am more autonomous and capable of managing a multicultural team. It makes a change from Paris... In any case, I'm not prepared to go back. In fact I'm off to Punta Cana next season.