• Entry date at Club Med :
    April 2012
  • Villages :
    Phuket, Kani, Bali
  • Training :
    Traffic, Bank

Petit Club trainee


Traffic GO

Key phrase
People you meet everyday inspire you…

My name is Wanida and I am a receptionist. I started Club Med as a trainee in the Petit Club as an internship with my school. When I came here, I could see it was more than just a resort, and it made me want to come back! After I graduated, I joined Club Med as a receptionist for two seasons. Then, I followed a cross training and I became a traffic G.O for two seasons. After that I trained again to learn bank and became a bank G.O for one season, and now I am back to being a receptionist.

In my current job I am responsible for welcoming and informing the guests who come to Club Med. I work at the front desk, answering GMs’ questions and guiding them in customer service. Being a receptionist is quite a responsibility! You have to give an excellent first impression to the guests when they arrive in our resort. You also need great energy and patience for this position because you deal with so many different cultures! I am constantly learning how to work well with people, and this is really exciting.

I have learned so much working with Club Med. I joined because I wanted to travel and improve my English. Now my English has improved a lot, I practice every day not only with the guests but also with fellow GOs and GEs and I have learned to understand many new accents. I think Club Med is a good way to figure out what you are good at and what you want to do with your life. You have nothing to lose and a lot to learn! People you meet every day really inspire you…